A great Betika Jackpot prediction is necessary when you are seriously trying to win the Betika Jackpot in full or the Betika jackpot bonuses. This is because it increases your chances of winning by a great margin. To understand why our Betika jackpot tips are the key to your winning I have prepared an article exploring the chances of winning the Betika Jackpots.


When you read it, you realize how hard it is to win the Betika Grand Jackpot especially if you use your own prediction or guesswork. This doesn't mean the Betika Midweek jackpot or the Sababisha jackpots are a walk in the park. It only means the Betika Grand Jackpot is much much more difficult to win when you try on your own.

Which Betika jackpot are you interested in today?



The Betika grand jackpot is commencing on Sunday 2nd May 2021 with Bordeaux vs Rennes and Glasgow Rangers vs Celtic as the first matches. There are a total of 7 matches from the French Ligue 1, the league with the largest number of matches in this week’s Betika jackpot.

The French Ligue 1 matches are:

  1. Bordeaux Vs Rennes

  2. Nimes Vs Reims

  3. Lorient Vs Angers

  4. Dijon Vs Mets

  5. Brest Vs Nantes

  6. Montpellier Vs St. Etienne

  7. Monaco vs Lyon

French Ligue 1 matches tend to end with surprise wins, so look out for underrated teams that may end up shocking the world after they make spectacular wins. Draws are also quite common in the league.

Other Betika Grand jackpot matches are distributed among other leagues such as the English Premier League, Spanish Laliga, Eredivisie, Turkish SuperLig, Swedish Allsvenskan, Italy’s Serie A and the Scottish Premiership. All these leagues and the corresponding matches have peculiar winning habits. These and so much more is clearly and precisely discussed in the Grand jackpot prediction this week article.


I urge you to read the article from start to end and you may increase your chances of winning a Betika jackpot bonus by 50%. If you want to up the chances of winning a jackpot to near 100% then you have to become a VIP jackpot member. To do so simply send Ksh. 250 to till number 5327441, after which you will receive an SMS from Surebetsite with the 17 predictions.



The Betika grand jackpot is the most popular jackpot in Kenya.

It is worth a cool 100 million shillings which does not have weekly increments as the Sportpesa mega jackpot does.

You need Ksh. 99 to bet on the Grand jackpot

There are 17 matches in the Grand jackpot, all of which you need to correctly predict in order to win the full 100 million.

Betika jackpot bonuses start at 13 correct predictions and increase exponentially for each extra correct prediction. This means the Betika grand jackpot bonus for 13 correct predictions might be Ksh. 2000 that for 14 correct predictions might be over Ksh. 30,000 while that for 15 correct tips might be as high as Ksh. 200,000. The bonus amount for 16 correct predictions is actually in the millions, usually up to 8 million. This is a great amount to win by any means.

The Betika grand jackpot is different from the Betika midweek jackpot that has 15 matches and 15 million Kenyan shillings as the main jackpot amount.

Finally, the Betika grand jackpot is not a fair jackpot. It is unfairly priced and the Betika staff should consider lowering the cost of playing the jackpot or lowering the number of matches one is expected to correctly predict.


If you want to receive the VIP Betika grand jackpot ticket by text and stand a chance to win a huge Betika jackpot bonus, simply send Ksh. 250 to till number 5327441. After you send you will receive the Betika VIP tips and a multi bet ticket worth Ks. 250. So you actually get value worth Ksh. 500 with only Ksh. 250

I really look forward to seeing how many games we win in this jackpot. I couldn't be more hopeful with a jackpot.

Till next week, regards.



Betika Jackpot Results Jan 2021 to date


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Betika Jackpot Results Jan 2021 to date

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The Betika Grand Jackpot consists of 17 predetermined matches all of which must be won for one to claim it. The bets placed for each match can either be single bets or double chance bets.

However, one is only allowed to place double bets for up to a maximum of 7 matches. It is good to note that each double chance placed doubles your stake. Below is a breakdown of how much it costs to include double chances in your bets:

  • 0 double chances - 60/=

  • 1 double chance - 120/=

  • 2 double chances - 240/=

  • 3 double chances - 480/=

  • 4 double chances - 960/=

  • 5 double chances - 1920/=

  • 6 double chances - 3840/=

  • 7 double chances - 7680/=

In case the number of winners of the full jackpot is more than one, the jackpot amount is shared equally amongst or between them.


You do not have to correctly predict all the 17 matches for you to win. There are partial win amounts given to those who correctly predict 12/17, 13/17, 14/17, 15/17 and 16/17 games correctly.


These Betika bonuses are shared equally amongst all that correctly predict the same number of matches correctly. The Betika bonus amounts per individual is determined by a number of factors mostly the number of winners. The amounts can therefore vary between a few thousands to millions of shillings.

To win the Betika jackpot bonus you need to subscribe to our VIP tips for the Betika Jackpot.

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Betika jackpot prediction this weekend


The Betika Midweek Jackpot is a collection of 15 matches each week 13 of which you need to correctly predict so as to win it. The Betika Mid-week Jackpot amount is Ksh 15,000,000. If no one wins this jackpot, an amount of Ksh. 500,000 is given out by Betika Jackpot management for free to be shared among the best performers on the Betika Midweek jackpot prediction.

  1. 05-May-21 6:30:00 PM Sparta Prague vs Slavia Prague

  2. 05-May-21 7:00:00 PM Sepsi  vs Universitatea Craiova

  3. 05-May-21 7:45:00 PM Tsarsko Selo Sofia vs Levski Sofia

  4. 05-May-21 8:00:00 PM Stal Mielec vs Rakow Czesto Chowa

  5. 05-May-21 10:00:00 PM Chelsea vs Real Madrid

  6. 06-May-21 01:00:00 PM Racing Club vs Sao Paulo

  7. 06-May-21 05:00:00 PM Catolica vs Nacional

  8. 06-May-21 9:00:00 PM Rentistas vs Sporting Cristal

  9. 06-May-21 05:00:00 PM Arges vs Voluntari

  10. 06-May-21 02:00:00 PM Hertha vs Freiburg

  11. 06-May-21 10:00:00 PM Roma vs Man UTD

  12. 06-May-21 10:00:00 PM Arsenal vs Villarreal

  13. 07-May-21 01:00:00 PM CA Junior vs Fluminense

  14. 07-May-21 03:00:00 PM Athletico Nacional vs Argentinos JRS

  15. 07-May-21 05:00:00 PM La guaira vs America Cali



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Betika has unveiled a new jackpot line called Sababisha. This is composed of smaller jackpots with fewer matches involved. The winnings are capped at 1,000,000 shillings for the jackpots.

These are arguably the easiest jackpots to win out there due to the small number of matches involved.

You can read the Betika Sababisha Jackpot rules, bonuses and winners on the Surebet blog.

Below are some of the Sababisha jackpots whose predictions we have already made for this week. We already have the 3 WAY Sababisha jackpot ready for 9th June 2020.

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